Very Much Inspirational Incidents By Three Great People.

Three Great People Inspirational To Us With Their Wonderful Incidents.

1. Swami Vivekananda.




Once a British person asked swami Vivekananda about the reason behind Indian women not give shakes hands like women from other countries, to which swami Vivekananda politely replied and asked if it was OK to shake hands with the Queen in the great Britain. The person was taken aback. He nodded his head in a big no and said “she is the queen and no body shakes hands with the queen”. Swami ji smiled and said “we treat all women in India as queens”. The person had his answer. There is not one, not two but many reasons that make Indian women the best in the world, something more than a queen perhaps.

A queen is known by the dresses she wears, the palace that she lives in and most of all the power she possess. Here in India, whether or not a women has good clothes to were, a fancy palace to live or the power to control the situations in the country, one thing that she has is patience. An Indian female knows how to make relationships last till eternity.

” Only Swami Vivekananda Give such a Wonderful words”.

2. Bill Gates.




Once Bill gates in a restaurant. After eating, he gave 5$ to the waiter as a tip. The waiter had a strong feeling on his face. After the tip gates realized and asked, what happened ?

Waiter : I’m just amazed because on the same table yesterday your daughter gave a tip of 500$ and you her father, Richest man in the world only gave 5$?

Gates smiled and replied with wonderful words, “she is daughter of the world’s richest man but i am the son of a wood cutter”.

                 “Never forget your past. it’s your best teacher”.


3. Rajinikanth.



Once rajinikanth went to temple. He was inside a temple in his usual simple dress, He sat down near a pillar for some time. A lady, who did not remember rajinikanth, crossed the star actor. Looking at him, she mistook the star for a beggar and offered him 10 rupees.

A young lady, recalling this incident, said she would have shouted at the person had she been offered money in this manner, but the great man rajini is he kept quiet and look the money offered with a smile. While rajinikanth was leaving the temple, he headed towards his car and the lady who had offered him money notice this and ran towards him. The lady apologized to the actor and said she committed the mistake taking him to a beggar.

The superstar rajini simply responded by saying that is indeed god’s way of reminding him every now and then where his plays really is and that he is not a superstar.

“Only rajinikanth can speak with such humility”.



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