Top 5 Wonderful Places In India.

We Have To Know 5 Wonderful Places In India.



I. Shani Shingapur.



  1. It is a small village in maharastra is famous for it’s shani temple.
  2. None of the houses ,schools, and even banks in this village have a door.
  3. In addition to this, not a single crime has ever been reported here.
  4. The villagers have undying faith in lord shani and believe that near zero crime rate in the village is all his doing.


II. Karni mata temple.



  1. It is located at deshnok in Rajasthan.
  2. The temple is home to over 20,000 rats. Revolting as it may sound, one is not allowed to kill, hurt, or even scare them away.
  3. These rats or ‘kabbas’, as they are called there, are consider to be highly auspicious, are worshiped, and safe guarded, which is why they hold more value then the human visiting the shrine.
  4. The rats are believed to be the family members of Karni mata.
  5. In fact, the rat, white mice at the place are consider to be her sons.

III. Talakad village.



  1. It is located on the banks of river Kaveri of Karnataka, lies a village buried deep in sand
  2. Talakad is believed to have been home to about 30 temples once, five of which are lingams representing the five faces of lord shiva.
  3. It is believed that a widowed devotee of lord shiva had once cursed the land, following which the village turned into this strange desert.
  4. Many speculations are there but no body knows the why he cursed the land.

IV. Kongka la pass.



  1. It is at ladakh in jammu kashmir.
  2. It is an evaluation of 60,970 feet, the Kongka la pass in fact is a disputed territory between India and china.
  3. A number of UFO as well as strange figures of humanoids have been sighted there, according to many reports so much so the locals living around strongly believe that the area is home to Alions.

V. Roopkund lake.



  1. It is at Uttarakhand in chamoli village.
  2. Roopkund lake is a glacier lake located at an elevation of 60,900 feet in himalayas.
  3. People living near by consider it as dangerous lake.
  4. Around 300-600 skeletons can be seen beneath the surface of the frozen Roopkund lake every year when the ice melts.



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